i have a photo blog!!

I’ve wanted one for so long! I spend my days looking at other people’s blogs, and have always wanted one for myself…and finally, here it is! I can’t wait to fill these posts full of new images as I learn more about my camera and my style of photography. I hope to post at least one entry every week. Who knows if my schedule will allow that…but as of right now that’s the plan!

Thank you to my wonderful husband, José, who helped design the look. I only asked him to change it a couple (hundred) times, but I love the look we came up with – hope you do too!

As this is a photo blog, what would a post be without a photo?
This is Cleo. She’s our cat. And we love her to bits. I took these photos of her recently, curled up on a chair in our family room (which she has totally taken over as her own). Cleo will be a regular on this blog I’m sure, so you may as well get to know her….

My favourite ears…

I’m sure the blog may change a smidge in the next couple days as I’m still getting used to the layout and all the tools, but it’s surprisingly pretty easy to use!
Hope you check back often!

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