a new tradition?

I said to José that all I wanted for our anniversary was flowers. If I got flowers, I would be happy. But then I got to thinking…this is our 1 year wedding anniversary! That’s important! That’s something that we will remember for years to come, we should do something to celebrate it! Sure, because of our newly acquired mortgage we may not have money for diamond earrings (for me) and a pair of Adidas soccer shoes (for him) but we got each other, so why not celebrate that?

So that’s what we did.

Ciji & Jon are a super nice couple that we know from high school. Recently, they launched their own photography company, Almost Married. The second I saw their photos and the love that is put into their work, I just knew that I wanted them to be the ones to capture this special time for Jose and I. We are so glad that we picked them b/c we LOVE the photos! Having pictures taken by people we know was so much fun, and very relaxing – it felt like we were just hanging out!

Be sure to check out their blog for their latest happenings and for a post about our session.  For now, here are a few of my fav’s from the session. We started our day in our casual clothes and headed to a park down by the water close to our home.

Every year, for the past 10 years, José and I go to the Spaghetti Factory for our anniversary dinner. So, after a quick outfit change, we headed to Toronto to wonder the streets and take a couple “fancier” photos on our way to the restaurant.

I didn’t plan on making this a yearly anniversary thing, but then I thought that it would be such a nice tradition. Imagine all the cute photos we would have years from now? Something to think about…

Oh! And I got flowers too 🙂

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