it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Lesson of the day kids, trees look a lot smaller when they are in the wild.

Last weekend, José and I headed north a little to cut down our Christmas Tree. If you are living in the Durham area, I highly recommend Taylor Tree Farm. It wasn’t that far, easy to get to, and their prices were very reasonable. Not to mention all the cute things that they had going on like a fire pit, hot coco, and tractor rides. This will definitely be a tradition we will continue to do. However, next year we will pick a tree a tiiiiny bit smaller 🙂 Once we got it home, and José was cutting the binding of our newly acquired Christmas tree, it looked like a scene right out of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Tree branches flung out everywhere! Thankfully, no squirrel made the trip home with us. After some clever maneuvering of furniture (in our already small family room) we found a spot. Some might say it’s a bit of a tight squeeze in regards to the seating arrangement, but to us it’s just a little cozier. And smells like we are still in the forest.

So here are some pics of our weekend adventures. The tree is ready, the decorations are up, and the lights are plugged in – we are ready for Christmas!

Now all we need is to get all our shopping done! Wish us luck…

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