’tis the season

I, like many others, love the Christmas season. However, it’s not for the gift giving, the decorations, or the yummy food that will be consumed, but more to reflect for the things that I am grateful for. While others give thanks at Thanksgiving, for me it’s Christmas. For family and friends, the roof over my head, the (little bit) of money in our bank account, for José, and (most of all! 🙂 ) for Cleo. There are so many things that we have in our lives that we take for granted. That’s why, during this season, I always stop and take note of the things I’m lucky to have. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the decorating, food, and gift giving too. They just aren’t the most important things on my list. For me, it’s all about family.

This year is going to be a bit different. I feel like this is our first as a married couple. Even though we were married by this time last year, we were still in our ‘we just got married’ happy bubble so it didn’t really sink in, and therefore feel, like our first Christmas as our own little family. This year it does. While José and I have been juggling both our families for years now, this year it’s a little more complicated. Before, it would be okay if I was with my family while José visited his, as long as we were together visiting both families at some point. But now, we will not be separating, so will need to share our time fairly. I often hear people complain about having to visit family during Christmas. That it’s too far away, that the weather will be bad, or that it takes up too much of their holidays. I feel the complete opposite of that and am grateful that I have family to visit, whether it be mine or his. So we will make it work.

It’s also this time of year that I think of family that is not with us anymore. I am lucky to have not lost a lot of people in my life (as I knock on wood), but the ones I have, I miss. While pulling out some of our Christmas decor, I came across 2 electric candles that my grandmother gave to me. I’m not sure how old I was when she had these, or even if these are the exact ones that she used to put up. I don’t even remember the time when she passed these down to me. Nonetheless, there they were. It’s funny how objects bring us back to moments in our lives. These candles did that for me. I remember piling into the backseat of the station wagon with my brother, on our way to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner. My view as we pulled into the driveway? Her tiny little white and black house with 2 electric candles glowing in her front window.

I am grateful for the gift, but more so for the memory that has come along with it.

This Christmas, I hope you are grateful too.

Just wanted to pop on here to share some thoughts and a quick photo. Our Christmas decor is very minimal, since this is our first Christmas in our house, so we don’t have a lot. But that’s okay. It will grow. I’m hoping to get the little we do have up and around the house this weekend. Also, José and I are starting the tradition of cutting down our own tree this year! So hopefully I will have some funny photos to share our of tree adventures early next week.


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