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Holy smokes! I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post! I planned on doing this really cute after Christmas slide show full from all the photos that I took while celebrating with my family. BUT in order to have done that, I would’ve needed to take pictures. Annnnnd that didn’t happen. I guess it’s a good thing in a way. It means that I was enjoying my time too much with my family to pick up the camera. There are a few here and there, but nothing slide show worthy. So alas, no fancy moving photos set to music to entertain you. Instead you get my ramblings. Lucky you.

So it’s January. The month of making resolutions. Instead of picking just one thing (that I most likely won’t stick to for a whole year…let’s be realistic) I am going to follow suit of most bloggers out there and make a list of things that I hope to cross off before the end of 2011.

52 things to be exact.

  1. Get business cards made.
  2. Create pricing information/booklet/email/chart…thingy… (I’ll figure it out by the time I get to this one).
  3. Edit the ‘About’ page on this blog to something a little more exciting.
  4. Organize the hall closets.
  5. Complete the den/office to my liking.
  6. Get new hardwood floors.
  7. Buy new dining room furniture.
  8. Decorate the master bedroom.
  9. Purchase new lamps (master bedroom/spare rooms).
  10. Find the perfect coffee table/end tables for the living room.
  11. Paint the spare rooms.
  12. Find fabric for curtains and/or buy new curtains (bedroom/tv room/office).
  13. Ensure that every room in the house has artwork on the walls.
  14. Put one of those fancy vents above the stove.
  15. Buy a new car.
  16. Learn more about Photoshop.
  17. Create home videos.
  18. Remember to film things for home videos.
  19. Learn more about photography.
  20. Learn how to garden.
  21. Cook more.
  22. Cook a turkey. Or a roasted chicken. Either one.
  23. Use the crockpot more.
  24. Make pasta. From scratch.
  25. Create a cookbook of my favorite recipes.
  26. Exercise weekly.
  27. Create a filing system for bills.
  28. Catalogue old photos from the computer onto CD’s.
  29. Get a job closer to home.
  30. Organize craft closet; give away extra crafts that are no longer needed.
  31. Have a garage sale.
  32. Take a vacation with my mom. Just the two of us.
  33. Take a family vacation. With everyone! (Disney world?!).
  34. Make a quilt.
  35. Go to a photography workshop. Or two.
  36. Shoot my first newborn session.
  37. Shoot my first maternity session.
  38. Shoot my first engagement session.
  39. Shoot something out of my comfort zone.
  40. Purchase the Canon 50mm 1.2 (Hey, a girl can dream).
  41. Purchase the Canon 28mm 1.8 (Still dreaming…but at least this one is more realistic).
  42. Even my score of losses to José’s wins in Monopoly.
  43. Create a photo book for parents of the Cottage; old to new.
  44. Create a photo book of my wedding showers.
  45. Create a photo book of 2010, and prepare photos for photo book of 2011.
  46. Create a photo book of our 2008 Europe trip.
  47. Host a summer BBQ for our families.
  48. Learn more Spanish.
  49. Go to Chile.
  50. Go to a soccer game in Chile. Not that I’m a huge fan…but I can only imagine the grin on José’s face and need to see it in person.
  51. Purchase an iMac.
  52. Take portraits of my parents.

That was way harder then I thought it would be. It’s taken me days to come up with this list. Most bloggers make it all the way to 100, but I am more than content with my list of 52. Which are in no specific order, by the way, and will not ALL be blogged about. Only the good ones.

It’s back to shooting this week!! There will be a new family session on the blog sometime next week. I also hope to have a little mini session with Cleo within the next couple days. Hopefully she will co-operate…

Happy New Year!


I better win a game soon…

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