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After a small delay, here is the long awaited (well, for me anyway :)) first family post of 2011!! There was a tiny reschedule due to little Evelyn getting a bump smack dab in the middle of her forehead, the poor girl! We couldn’t have the star of our show not looking her best so we postponed a couple weeks, and we were good to go! Hanging out with this family was not only super fun and relaxed, but we also learned something new. Right around the corner from our house there is a conservation area where you can walk along trails, go skating on a pond in the winter, and feed birds all year round that we didn’t know about! This is a popular place for this family, so we had to make sure that we got some photos done there. Once we couldn’t take the cold anymore, we headed inside to warm up and have Evelyn show us her toys and play a solo on the recorder ;).

Brett & Christie, thank you for thinking of me to take your photos – hope you enjoy!

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