26 hours in ottawa

Last weekend, Jose and I headed to Ottawa to visit a friend of ours, Kyle (who is an amazing photographer btw! Check out his site here) and his girlfriend, Rebecca. We knew leaving early Saturday morning and coming home the following afternoon wouldn’t give us much time to visit, so we did our best to make the most of our short time there. From skating on the canal, to homemade pasta balls gnocchi, drinking wine/beer, playing cards, to a yummy breakfast, we definitely put our time to good use.

I did take a few pictures, but this time we wanted to try something a little different. As one of the things on my list of 52, we thought this would be a good opportunity to try making a short home video. In 1:05, our trip is summed up. We are missing a few key moments, but for our first time as videographers, I don’t think we did too bad. Next time I hope to learn how to make one of these fancy videos myself. Jose did all the hard work. Although, I did look over his shoulder sit beside him nicely and told him what bits to use and which ones not to offered suggestions. So…. I guess we kinda completed it together :).

Annnnnyway, here it is!

26 hours in ottawa from jessica silva on Vimeo. Music “Party People” N.E.R.D

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