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It’s Rob & Paula for blog formalities sake, but to me they’re Mom & Dad.

On September 24th, my brother & I (along with our significant others) planned a surprise party for our parents to celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary of 35 years. I will explain more about the party in another post (there is lots of great pictures to show for that as well!), but for now here are some pictures of their anniversary shoot. This session was what the whole surprise was planned around. All they knew was that they had to get all dolled up for a photo shoot, and that we would head out for dinner after. Well, dinner was the party. And let me tell you, they were surprised! The fact that I could keep this from my mom for 5 months still blows my mind. But I’m so glad that I could, because both her and my dad had a great time.

Before heading to “dinner” we went to the lake shore in Pickering. The sun was starting to set so we were able to get some great shots without too much sun shining down on us. For two people who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, they did really well and seemed to have a great time. I did to!

Mom & Dad – I hope you enjoy your photos! As well as your day all about you 🙂



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