the soon to be den/office

This is our latest home reno project. Sorry that the before picture is a little fuzzy. It’s actually the one form the brochure that was out when we bought the house. For some reason I took a million photos of every other room in the house, but seemed to overlook this one. That should tell you something. Yup. It was THAT ugly!

So in order to start to get the room in the right direction I had to bat my pretty blues and get my dad over to lend a hand putting up 1/4″ drywall to cover that ugly orange textured wallpaper. Drywalling over the wallpaper seemed like the best option, as the walls were a mess and there was no hope in pulling the wallpaper off. The only bad part about adding drywall is that it left a weird gap near the ceiling. Hoping to score some sweet crown moulding to hide all that. We shall see…

The plan for this room is to be an office/library. I wanted to build some bookcases that could house the books, as well as some picture frames, knick knacks, these owls that I’m hoping to get for christmas, etc. You get the idea. So I got to researching and I found some inspiration on the world-wide web. I thought the colour background within the bookcase would look super cute and allow those owls and books to really pop.

Here is some of the inspiration I found…

(photo from here)

(photo from here)

And here’s what we built!! There is still more work to do; there is going to be a desk built between the bookcases, and there will be doors on the bottom of each. But is 1001% better than the orange blob of a room it was before.

Lots better, right? Still lots to do, but there is finally light ahead!

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