tie dye cupcakes

I made these cute cuppies a little while ago, and they turned out so awesome!

You can’t really make anything tie dye without some dye. So, enter picture of said dye here:

There isn’t really much I can explain in the way of a ‘how to’ tutorial. It’s pretty easy. Separate the batter into equal parts, die each part a different colour, then layer the colours into the muffin tin. Mind blowing! I know. I went with pretty strong colours in order to make the layers within the cupcakes really stand out, but it might be cute to go with softer colours for a baby shower or something. One little tip that might help you out is that whenever I am making cupcakes I put the batter into piping bags. Usually I don’t have ones large enough to fit an entire batch of batter, so I will use a large zip lock bag. Which you can see I did here with a small one, because I ran out of piping bags. It’s so much easier and faster to fill up the muffin tins. And less messy.

Doesn’t that look awesome!? See what I mean about the strong colours? It really makes each layer pop.

To keep with the bright rainbow theme, I died the icing bright yellow and just quickly piped it over the top, letting some spill over the sides.

See? Easy peasy.

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