the way we celebrated 2 years

Man does time fly!! I can’t believe that Jose and I have been married for 2 years already. 2 years married, and 11 years together. It still kinda blows our minds how long we have been together, but to tell you the truth it doesn’t even feel like it.

We have never really been ones to go all out for anniversary’s. I couldn’t even tell you what the appropriate gift is supposed to be for 2 years, or any of the years in fact. Things like that don’t matter to us. Our simple tradition is to go to the Spaghetti Factory in Toronto for dinner. We have been doing this since we were 16, and will continue until we are 116 (people live that long, right?). This year Jose planned some outings for us that have been on our to-do list for a while. Since the weather was absolutely gorgeous it was the perfect weekend to spend out and about.

First up, the Day of the Dead Festival at the Harbourfront. Ok, this one was not on our to-do list, it just so happened that it was going on in T.O. this weekend so we decided to stop by. It was just a whole lotta this…

Not too exciting. And definitely not worth the $15 parking we had to pay, considering we were only there for less than an hour. Even still, it was nice to wander through and see something different. On our way back to the car we wandered down by the water a little, taking in the beauty and grabbing some pics.

Then we headed off to Kensington Market. I can’t believe that I didn’t take one single picture while we were there, Jose and I were too busy chatting and people watching. We stopped for some empanadas at a Chilean restaurant, wandered through some shops, and grabbed some churros (which Jose did grab a pic of, see it on his blog here). It was such a cute area with lots of independent stores, restaurants, and fruit markets. I would love to go back on a week day when it isn’t so crowded, there was a ton of shots I would’ve loved to grab. Next time.

The next day, we were off to the zoo!!! This is by far one of my most favourite places on earth. We actually had never been in the fall before, and it was so pretty. Walking through the paths to each exhibit you are surrounding by gorgeous fall tress full of colour. Some of the animals were off exhibit, but the main ones were out and were pretty active. I snagged quite a few pictures of them, my favourites are below. How awesome is that seahorse?!

Yesterday was our actual anniversary, so as previously explained, we headed to the Spaghetti Factory.! Love it there. It has such an awesome environment and is decorated all vintage-y. If you have never been there, you gotta go!

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