some blog thoughts. and family day weekend.

I suck at this blog thing. It surprises me actually, because I think about it every. single. day. I’ve started to realize that I am putting too much pressure on myself to post stuff. Lets face it, not every day is an interesting one. So it’s hard to think of things to post about. However, I do have some pretty big things coming up in life, so I hope that they will inspire me to get on here more. What big things you wonder?? Well the biggest is that I am pregnant! 20 weeks today. That is possibly another reason why I have been so distracted from the blogging world lately. That, and it has totally kicked my butt. Over 3 months of all day nauseousness would do that to you. Who can think of interesting things to post about when all you are concentrating on is keeping toast and water inside of you. It was fuuuuuun times, let me tell you! Thankfully that is going away, not 100% gone, but I have the flashes of nausea under control. Now it’s on to the exciting stuff, like getting the nursery ready and registering for my shower!! Both of which I am equally excited about, and plan to talk about in future posts.

Another huge thing coming up is that I am going to be an aunt! My brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl to arrive in April! It’s so exciting to know that these cousins will grow up together, so close in age. I did some maternity photos for them a little while ago, you can check them out on my photography blog here. I am in the process of planning her baby shower, which I am so super excited about and will share details in here as I go.

There are also tons of thoughts rolling around in my head about parenthood, motherhood, and how this baby will affect Jose and I that I plan to share. If I actually do, who knows. I am not putting pressure on myself to do so!

But….I hope I do. Even just typing this small post out makes me feel good. They say it’s good to have a journal or diary. And I guess this is my version of that.

While I sort all these thoughts out, check out this video that Jose and I made! It’s from a couple weekends ago when we celebrated the Family Day long weekend up at the cottage. We have made a few of these short videos in the past, it’s a fun way to do home videos without having to watch hours and hours of boring clips.

family day weekend 2012 from jessica silva on Vimeo.


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