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Hey look! A post having nothing to do with babies or baby related subjects! Believe it. Don’t get too excited though, I’m pretty sure the next post will be about the baby’s nursery. So the hiatus won’t last long…

Anyway! There have been a few added details to the den since my last post, including some fun purchases from Ikea and doors put on the cabinets.

The walls need some help, they are completely bare. I would like to do a photo collage above the couch. Also the shelves need some tlc. The photo above was just my rush attempt at putting everything away. On a rainy day I will spend more time moving things around. And maybe make a few purchase to fill in the holes. But first I want to create something for above the computer area. First I thought that putting a mirror there would work just fine, but the more I thought about it I rather have something more creative. Since this computer is where I edit my photos and blog from, it would be nice to have some type of board where I can display inspiration. I’ve always wanted to try making a fabric cork board, and this seems like the perfect place! I found these photos through Pinterest as, now all I have to do is decide what style I want.

fabric covered cork board

| photo from here |

fabric corkboard

| photo from here |

I hope to tackle this project next week, but my dad has been over everyday this week working on the nursery, so that is pretty distracting. Even though I can’t help much, I keep wondering in and looking around, just imagining where everything is going to go. Can’t wait till it’s decor time!

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