baby’s 1st shower

This past weekend, a friend of mine held our baby girl her first shower! Yes, her first. We are so lucky to have the friends and family that we do that I will be having another shower in May, with both my family and Jose’s. But this one was just for the girlfriends! It was nice to have everyone together to sit around and chat. Since it’s hard these days to get everyone together in the same room, I really appreciated everyone coming out to celebrate.

There was so many little details put into the shower that I loved. I was only able to capture a few, but thought I would share. How fun is the lemonade in those bottles? And the “mommy friendly” shot of milk and cookies?? So cute!

Jose and I really appreciate all the gifts that we went home with, this little girl is going to be one well-dressed baby! Our nursery is starting to fill up quick. I need to step up my game and get that room in order. If only this baby would give me just a smidge of my energy back I would be good to go 😉

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