the nursery has started!

When it came to deciding how I wanted our baby girl’s room to look, the only thing that I was sure of was that I didn’t want an overall theme for the room. I wanted something that she could grow in to, something that didn’t scream BABY! As usual, when it comes to any home decorating or renovations that I do, I looked online for inspiration. That’s when I came across this photo, through Pinterest.

It was love at first site! The soft grey walls, the crisp white chair rail, and the little punches of pink to add just the tiniest bit of girliness to the room. The photo led me to the complete blog post of this room (which you can check out here). After doing some research I was able to find out that the dresser, shown above, is actually a bookcase from ikea! I love that it is high enough to also use at the change table, and later when the baby grows out of it as a dresser, we can just remove the drawers and use it as a bookcase. In fact, I love it so much that it was the first thing that was purchased for the room. Very rarely do I find something online and am able to purchase it exactly, so I was pretty happy that it all worked out.

So, using that nursery as inspiration, I created the below mood board to help decide how I wanted the room to look and feel. The walls are going to be painted white and soft grey, which I’m hoping will give the room an airy feel, making it nice and bright. Since it’s a small space, I felt it best to go with lighter colours to make the room look bigger. The fabric swatches are from this Etsy shop, and I absolutely love them! They are modern and girly without being baby-ish, which is exactly what I was looking for. The nice thing about having the bedding custom made is that you can mix and match expensive fabrics with cheaper ones, because let me tell you – it is easy to get carried away with all this stuff and those numbers can add up quick! Even though I think it’s nice to have a few special, maybe more expensive pieces in a room, it’s always best to work within a budget. So cutting costs where you can helps every bit. I did try and source the fabric myself, which would have cut the costs even lower, but I couldn’t find any prints that even came close to how awesome these ones are. As for the details, I know I mentioned that I didn’t want an overall theme for the room…however! I do love me some cute owls and birds! They will probably be my go-to’s when it comes to artwork and decor for the room.

I still have to make my decision in regards to the fabric (what I want for curtains, bumper pad, change pad, etc), and I haven’t bought any decor for the room yet, so it still has a ways to go before even coming close to being done. But at least it’s started! To give you an idea of what we were working with, here are a couple before photos. They aren’t that great, but will give you an idea of the dark-ish gross grey/brown that was on the walls before.

Yes…that is black trim…who paints trim black?! It was awful to try and cover up. And see how well they took care of their walls?? My dad has been working away for 2 weeks, fixing the past owners work and following my orders for the new look :), and this is where we are now! A couple coats of light grey and white paint really brighten up the space. Not to mention the added chair rail and boards. I thought that adding the boards to the bottom of the wall would add a little definition and it turned out amazing. My pops does good work!

Still lots to be done…but there is time! I’m sure more updates will follow this one 🙂

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