28 weeks!

For all the family members that have been asking to see my bump, here it is! These are not the most flattering photos of me AT ALL. Especially around weeks 8-12, as that is when my 24/7 “morning” sickness was at full force. However, it is fun to see how much my tummy has grown over the last 28 weeks, so I’m very glad that we are taking these photos. I think for baby #2 I will just pick one outfit and stick with it. I had kinda planned on doing that, but quickly grew out of my pants from weeks 4 & 8. I think a stretchy dress or something might’ve been a good idea… Oh well, next time!

Oh, and there is also a little sneak peek of the newest addition to the nursery below. What a change it makes to the room! I can’t even count the number of times I wander into her room and just look around. Can’t wait until the little one will be in it 🙂

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