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We were busy this past weekend with another baby room project. I was looking around online (aka Pinterest…) to get some ideas of the type of wall art I wanted above the baby’s crib. The idea of putting frames up kinda scared me. Not sure if it’s the ‘new mom’ in me, but glass and sharp edges above my baby’s little body?! Um, no thank you. I came across a bunch of different ideas that all revolved around canvases. Since these are very lightweight, with not so sharp edges, this seemed like the way to go.

At first I looked into getting images printed directly on the canvas, but apparently that is pretty expensive. So! We decided to try and do it ourselves. Again, “we” being mostly Jose. But hey, someone has to think of these ideas and then bug the crap outta their husband to get it done, right?!

At first we thought we would try stencils, but since Jose has a pretty steady hand with a paintbrush, he wanted to try it freestyle first. The easiest way to do this was to design the wording on the computer, print it out, tape it to the back of the canvas, and light ‘er up. He did one canvas at night, using a desk lamp, but the next day it was nice and sunny. So just leaning it against the window provided enough light to show the words through, making it easy for him to trace.

Here they are all finished and up on the wall. The rhymes on the first and last canvases are most likely familiar to you. For the middle one, we decided to add a little Spanish to the room, since that will hopefully be her second language (since her dad and his family are all fluent). I’m hoping that her and I will learn together. If you’re wondering what it says, it’s the opening lines from this song. A favourite from when Jose was growing up.

I wanted the style of the canvases to be very minimal. The fabrics that I have chose for her room are pretty busy, so I didn’t want anything too crazy in regards to wall art. Since the bedding/curtains haven’t arrived yet, it’s hard to get an idea how the overall look will come out. But, if I find them too plain after everything is in place, we can always add a little something to them.

Just for the record, I too am completing some projects for the baby’s room. I’m off to start a new one right now 🙂 Can’t wait to show the whole room once it’s complete!

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