this chair rocks!!

Warning: There is probably about 7 too many photos of a rocking chair in the below post, but I’m just so proud of my hubby and his hard work that I had to show the process.

So…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is an old rocking chair that we had kicking around the cottage for a while, and I asked my parents if I could steal it, DIY it, and use it for the baby’s room. Obviously, they said yes. With doubt however! Both sets of our parents offered to just fork over the cash for us to go and buy a fancy new rocking chair, but we were not having it! A little hard work never hurt anyone (easy for me to say since I didn’t actually DO any of the work…). I also thought that it would be a nice touch to the room to have some things that have a little character. This chair being one of them.

The whole process took a few weeks, starting at the cottage. Jose covered the chair with this stuff, and let it sit for a bit before using a little of this to get all the paint off. He had to do this process twice, but as you can see in the photo below (top right) the paint started to bubble and peel off all on it’s own, even before he started sanding. So even though it took 2 days of scrubbing, it did a pretty good job. And so did he!

Then we packed her up and brought her home. Since Jose put a lot of time into sanding all the black paint off, the chair only took 1 coat of primer. Even though you could still see a tiny bit of the black showing in some spots, it was good to go as we knew that we would have to put 2 coats of paint on and that it would cover.

Now that fun part!! PAINT! I was so excited. This is like the little rocking chair that could. It was weeks between the start of the project and the point of paint actually going on the chair. So I was very excited to see how different it would look. We went with a high gloss yellow. Kinda neutral, so it will work if we have a baby boy at some point too.

Ta-da!! Doesn’t it look so different?? I really love how the colour turned out, and the gloss makes it nice and shiny. Feels almost brand new 🙂

This is how it looks in it’s new home! I woke up this morning and walked right to it and started rocking away. It’s so cute, and adds such a nice splash of colour in the room. I feel like many nights will be spent rocking in this chair, trying to get our little one to sleep. Or just cuddled up reading a book.

Now for a little before and after (I warned you!)

To save you the trouble from scrolling up, I have created one for you. It doesn’t even look like the same chair! Well…it does. But you get the point. 😉

The nursery is really starting to take shape. There are a few more projects that I am working on that I hope to share soon!


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