the bug’s weekly photo project

Since photography is so important to me, I always knew that I wanted to capture the growth of our baby in some way. I did some research and found a few options, but none of them stuck with me like the style below, from YoungHouseLove.

I love the use of fabric. It makes each picture look unique, colourful and fun. And oh man, the ideas I have of making banners, table runners, etc for her first birthday using the fabric makes me very excited! I even thought it would be a cute idea to make her a quilt using pieces of each. I have to learn how to make a quilt first though….

So! Even though I feel a little weird about full out copying their idea, I’ve decided to just get over that and move on. I mean, that’s what these blogs are for right? To share ideas? …Right?

Here is week number 1!

I think that I am going to do a monthly photo of her as well, but it will be much more simpler. I’m thinking in black and white. We’ll see!

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