i’m alive!

Sooo apparently having a newborn around takes up allll of your time!! Not that I’m complaining! My bug is so cute and cuddly I don’t mind spending all my time with her. It does make blogging a little difficult, and well, any extra activity a little difficult. However! I did manage to turn this:

Into this!

Just a little first initial decor for the bug’s room, (which still isn’t complete thanks for a super late bedding order from etsy…). I bought the yarn and flowers to fancy up the wooden C that a family friend had given me a little while ago, but as previously stated, I’ve been busy and haven’t had the chance to finish it. Even though it wasn’t a large project, I felt so accomplished when I was finished! Makes me feel like I should be able to tackle the large pile of laundry and dirty dishes that seem to be never ending these days.

Instead, I think I will go cuddle with my bug.

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