thanksgiving weekend

As usual, we headed up to the cottage to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Holiday wise, it’s tied with Christmas for me. And if you know me, and how much I LOVE the Christmas season, you will know how much this weekend means to me. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best weather, which kinda put a damper on things. We tried not to let that stop us from having a good time. Between the rain storms, we headed to Dorset Tower, had a campfire, went for walks, and had a mini family photo session. I took a million and one pictures, but here are a few of my favourites, starting with a view from the top of the tower.

The Bug made it to the top! With a little help from her dad. I would love to tell you that I took this picture of them, but for some reason my legs started to shake around the second level. Weird, because I have been to the top many times. Jose kept on truckin’ and asked a fellow brave climber to grab this photo on them. I stood at the second level with an old lady who patted my ‘left by baby’ gut and told me to loose it by drinking some drink from a sketchy sounding website – thanks lady! i now feel terrible… and watched them.

We always head down to Gull River for a walk. Here are some photos from a sunnier day. The rain held off long enough, so we were able to grab some family photos. How cute is Bug in her boots?!

I grabbed a couple photos of my brother and his family as well. My niece turned 6 months a few days ago, so I grabbed a few of her to celebrate – you can see those here.

Here’s the fam!! I can’t believe we got one with everyone actually looking at the camera. Even the babies! I hope to make this a family tradition. It will be a nice way to see our family grow over the years.

Aw cousins!

We made a home video of the weekend too, check it out! Jose did an awesome job. Even added some fancy filters. He’s handy to have around.

thanksgiving weekend 2012 from j o s e s i l v a on Vimeo.


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