her first christmas

And just like that, the Christmas season is over. I can’t believe how quickly it went, and that I didn’t even stop to blog about it! I wanted this Christmas to be extra special, seeing as how it’s Bug’s first. I’m sure next year will be much more fun, and probably feel more like her first real Christmas, since she will probably understand a little more of the concept of receiving presents. At the very least she will know how to rip the paper off and not want to eat it.

We started the Christmas festivities off by heading to the Distillery District in Toronto, to their Christmas Market one day in mid-December. While it was pretty to look at, it was super crowded and crazy cold. Bug was so buddled up she couldn’t see a thing, and it was difficult to maneuver her stoller around without running over strangers feet or bumping their ankles with the wheel. Both of which I did. I’m still glad that we went though. We like living so close to the city, so we try to take advantage of heading down when fun things are going on. Next year we will just plan the day a little better. You know…go when our child is actually awake and dressed appropriately for winter. Parent fail.

A couple weekends before Christmas we headed out to cut down our tree. It was pretty cold that day too, so we rushed to find one that would work so we could get Bug back into the warm car. We didn’t realize how short our tree was until we got home and noticed that it was pretty much the same height as Jose. But it was very full, and had enough branches to hold all the ornaments. So misson accomplished.

Our actual Christmas celebrations started the day before Christmas Eve, when my family got together to exchange presents. Then we headed back to my parent’s the next night for a Christmas Eve open house that they have every year. My in-laws have started to come as well, it’s nice to have our families together under one roof. Then after having our own Christmas morning celebration, which involved Bug trying to eat a lot of wrapping paper and ribbon, we headed over to Jose’s parents house for breakfast and more presents. Then we ended the night having dinner with my family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a very busy few days, but so worth all of the fuss. I love this time of year so much, and the main reason is because it includes lots of family visiting.

Needless to say, I took a ton of photos. I won’t bore you with all of them, most of those moments were captured with all the video that we took as well. Jose put them all together and made a little home video, so I will just share that.

Christmas2012 from j o s e s i l v a on Vimeo.

Hope everyone had as lovely a Christmas holiday that we did! All the best to you and your families in 2013 🙂


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