my girl | 6 months

Seriously….when did my baby become a 6 month old with two teeth?!

Sleeping: Bug is still doing really well when it comes to sleeping. She sleeps through the night, going to bed at 8. The only thing that is driving me crazy right now is that she thinks it’s a perfect and acceptable time to wake up at 5:00 (AM!) for her morning feeding. I’m not sure why there has been a set back, as she was sleeping until 7:00 at one point. At least she goes back to sleep for a couple more hours until it’s time to get up. She is starting to move around in her sleep a lot, it’s super cute to see all the positions that she gets herself into. Including the photo below. She must have fallen asleep while trying to escape from her crib. One good thing about it is that she is able to find her soother on her own, so no more nightly wake ups of me having to go find it for her. Bug is still taking her naps too, which last for 2 hours in the morning and from 1-2 hours in the afternoon.

Body: At her last check-up, her weight was 16 pounds, 15 ounces. She has the most perfect little chubby legs that I am in LOVE with! And I feel like her eye lashes have doubled in length. Something about baby lashes that just makes me melt. Especially hers.

Eating: It seems that the breastfeeding troubles that I was having around her 4 month mark have seemed to disappear. I still don’t really know exactly what the issue was. But whatever! It seems to be fixed now and that’s all that matters. I am glad that I stuck with it though, because there was definitely times when I thought about switching to formula. Speaking of which, my breastfeeding goal was to do it until she was 6 months. But now that we are here, I think I might continue just a smidge longer before moving to formula. Especially with these 5:00am wake ups. There is no way I want to have worry about heating up a bottle at that hour! The quicker I can get back to sleep the better 🙂

The newest thing when it comes to food is that she is actually eating it! Real food! I’ve decided to try and make it for her myself. Not really for any particular reason other than I thought it would be fun, and so far it is! So far I have just been puréeing the food plain and simple, not getting too fancy since it’s all new to both of us. But I think in the (near) future I am going to try some new recipes to keep it interesting for Bug. I want her to love food as much as her mama!

Mood: She’s awesome. I know I’m her mom, and it’s biased to say that, but she really is! She is super chatty, laughs at everything, and is becoming a pro at touching her nose with her tongue. What more could we ask for.

Milestones: Bug has become an expert on rolling back and forth from her tummy to her back. There has been many a time where I have left the room and have come back to find that she has rolled under the coffee table, which she of course finds hilarious. We are still working on the sitting alone thing. Supported, even just a little, she can sit nice and straight. But there have been a few face dives into the ground that prove she is not good at doing it solo yet. Soon enough! And I’m surprised that she hasn’t started to crawl. When on her tummy her legs go like crazy but there is no forward movement. I’m sure that will be soon too. For now, she is having fun pulling everything into her mouth that she can get her lil’ chubby hands on. And as mentioned above, she has two new teeth! They popped up pretty much one right after the other, around the time she turned 5 months.


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