her first easter

This past weekend we headed up north for Easter weekend. There wasn’t really too much going on, hence why I took a thousand and one photos of this girl wearing bunny ears and eating the coloured straw from her very first Easter basket. I wasn’t really planning on taking part in the holiday this year. Not because I’m Scrooge (wrong holiday, I know) but because I figured she can’t really eat candy and all that fun stuff, so why bother. But then I went to Target. Enough said.

Actually, the only things from Target are the plastic eggs and coloured straw. I got her basket from Michael’s, and the book and lamb from Chapters. I am hoping that she will fall in love with this lamb as much as she loves current Lamby, because he is starting to look a little rough these days….

Ohhh the anticipation of the basket being waved in front of her!!! Mostly just because I wanted a photo of her looking at the camera.

Seriously!?! I think I am going to make her wear these ears all the time. I didn’t think she could get any cuter. But yup. She can. And this it.

I thought the most exciting part of this whole thing would be the plastic eggs, but I was way off. The coloured straw was a hit. And she even gave the new Lamby a kiss!!! Except not really because she doesn’t quite get the whole ‘give soandso a kiss’ thing yet. It’s just one big open-mouth slobbery attack. I’ll still take it though 😉

And that was that! Her first Easter over and done with in a span of 5 minutes. Not too exciting, but I know a couple years from now, when she is all hopped up (pun intended) on candy I will think ‘hey remember when we snuggled and read Ollie’s Easter Eggs together with new Lamby on your first Easter?? Ya….that was nice….’


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