my girl | 8 months

Holy smokes…. 8 months already! I don’t like this growing up fast thing one bit! Although, it is getting more and more fun to watch her learn new things, and to see her little personality start to show. It’s just equally as hard for me to watch as she grows out of her socks, and to see her little toes poke through the feet of her sleepers (which was a pretty big sign that I needed to go shopping).

There has been many firsts for Bug in these past couple months. She went out in the snow for the first time (wasn’t a fan, as you can see), had her first haircut, learned how to crawl, and is just starting to learn how to pull herself up on things. If that damn treadmill wasn’t helping with shedding a few pounds, running after her crawling everywhere sure might. We finally got some gates to help keep her in one spot, so now it’s like an obstacle course around here. But better that then having to worry about her eating the cat food, or you know, falling down the stairs.

Sleeping: As mentioned in my last update, there was a tiny hiccup of her waking up at 5am for her morning feeding, which lasted for a couple weeks, but thankfully she is over that and back on schedule! Nothing else really to report on that…. The only bad thing I could mention is that she seems to be pretty particular about where she is sleeping. Meaning we can’t just pop up the travel playpen when at a friends house and know that she would just fall right asleep. No dice on that. There is tears on top of tears. Luckily, for some reason, she seems to settle in ok at the cottage. I guess it’s just in places that she isn’t familiar with. This is something we are going to have to work on because Jose and I are thinking of taking a trip sometime in the fall, and having a cranky tired baby is not so fun.

Body: I have no idea how much she weighs right now. I am going to assume it’s around maybe 17-18 pounds? She has to head to the doctor next month for a check up, so I will find out then. She is still fitting in size 2 diapers, but not for much longer I don’t think. Oh, and she has 6 teeth! With one more on the way! Apparently this is early? I have no idea what age teeth are supposed to pop up, but once her two bottom teeth came in at around 5 months, the rest all showed up pretty much within 2 weeks.

Eating: Bug is still breastfeeding, but has cut back on her feedings to 3 a day; morning, afternoon, and before bed. And she doesn’t really feed for long. I am getting the feeling that she is almost over my boobs. I am still making her food, which I think is a good thing considering it is cheaper, because let me tell ya, this girl can eat! There isn’t really anything that she had tried and not liked, or at least has not grown to like. I am starting to give her chunkier bits of food, and some baby cookies too. It’s the cutest thing in the world watching her try to get them into her mouth. And then thinking she did when she really didn’t, but still chews the air just in case. 

Mood: Happy. She is a super happy baby. She is easy going, likes going places, gives everyone a smile. The only times she gets a little fussy is when the food isn’t being spooned into her mouth fast enough, because as mentioned above, she likes to eat and doesn’t like to be slow about it!

Milestones: Bug has finally decided to start crawling. She had mastered down rolling from one side of the room to the other so well that I thought she would never learn to crawl. But she has, and hasn’t stopped since. Right now she is thisclose to standing on her own. She practices everyday trying to pull herself up, as well as practices every yoga move out there. It’s kinda hard to get a picture of her being still these days, especially because she is obsessed with the camera. The second I get down to her level, she crawls right over and tries to eat it. I’m surprised that more photos don’t come out all smudgy from baby fingerprints. She is also sitting comfortably on her own now, and can go from crawling to a sitting position. Which made me cry the first time she did it. Yes, I’m a suck. I know. I just feel like that action brought her from being a ‘baby’ to more of a ‘toddler’, which makes me sad that my baby is no longer a baby. But also makes me a proud momma that she learned how to do it! Ugh…being an emotional mom is exhausting 😉

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