fabric pompom tutorial

I totally forgot about this post! I started it months ago, and it just caught my attention now sitting in the drafts column.

So here it is, the tutorial on how I created the fabric pom poms for Bug’s baptism. The photos are pretty self explanatory, but here as the basic steps:

1. Tie string or ribbon around a styrofoam ball, leaving enough string attached to hang once completed.

2. Cut out a crazy amount of 3″ fabric circles. For a 3″ ball, I used 1 metre of fabric. For the larger balls, (I can’t remember the exact size…6′ or 7″…) I used around 3.5 metres. Then follow the picture below…that’s just way easier then me trying to use words to explain what to do 🙂

3. Glue the pieces of fabric to the ball, starting in the middle and working your way out.

4. Repeat. A lot!

5. Ta-da!! It does take quite a bit of time, but the finish product looks super pretty 😉

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