my first mother’s day

When I started this blog, I had no intention of it turning into one all about my daughter. Not to say that what it has become is a bad thing, it just wasn’t my intention. I thought that I would post mainly about home projects, but turns out when those are happening I am way to excited and distracted to take any photos. I thought I would post about food, about travel, and then yes, some family moments snuck in here and there.

But then I became pregnant, and on that day things changed. Everything changed. I became a Mama. Some people relate giving birth to the time that they became a mother, a parent. But for me, it was the exact second that test said positive. All of my thoughts and cares went straight towards the little one growing inside of me.

Though it has not always been easy, it has by far been the greatest challenge that has ever happened to me. Even amongst all the hard times, I feel so fortunate to be given the gift of motherhood.

I look forward to all that is has to offer.

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