my girl | 10 months

I always say it, but whenever I sit down to write one of these posts I can’t believe how fast time has flown! In 2 short months I will have a 1 year old!! I’m sad, yet also excited about the birthday party I get to plan. I keep telling everyone that I will keep it low key, but let’s be real. It doesn’t matter the occasion to me, I just get excited about decorations for any event. And my mind has already started to wonder for her “low key” party….

Sleeping: Sleeping has been pretty much the same, except with summer on it’s way the sun has been shinning right into her room in the morning. I’m pretty sure this is the reason she thinks that it’s totally suitable to start waking up around 5:30/6. We finally got a pull down shade for her room to go along with the curtains that are already there. It’s only been a couple days with them, but already there has been an improvement. She is getting closer to that 7am mark that I would prefer. We’ve even had a few raining mornings, and on those she likes to be extra nice and sleeps closer to 8! Thanks baby!

Body: At her last check up, whichwas just a couple weeks ago, she weighed in at 19 pounds. Her cousin weighs the same amount, but I swear it feels like Bug weighs about 5 pounds more than she does. She is only solid baby, complete with baby rolls which I love so freakin’ much. We started swimming lessons a month ago and seeing her cute baby-chub legs in her bathing suit just melts my heart! Oh, and she has 8 teeth now. I think that maybe 2 molars or eye teeth might be coming in, which I am not looking forward too. I hear those ones can be extra painful 🙁

Eating: She is still breastfeeding, but I’m not gonna lie, I am looking forward to the change of pace once she is a year and able to drink regular milk. It’s not that I don’t like breastfeeding, I am glad that I have done it, buuuuuuut it will be nice to be able to just throw some milk in a bottle and head out the door instead of having to worry about pumping a bottle or worrying about finding a place to breastfeed her (I’m not comfortable doing it in public). It will also be nice to share some of the responsibility with Jose, maybe give me some nights off 😉 As for food, she loves it. She will try anything, and likes to eat dinner with us, as long as she gets to try what we are eating too. It’s getting to the point where if I am eating, she will crawl over and stare me down, just waiting to see if I will share with her. She makes a cute puppy.

Mood: We have gone through some ups and downs these past months. I’m not sure the reason, but for about 3 weeks straight she was super clingy to me. So clingy that I couldn’t even put her down to play with her toys. She would instantly start bawling the second she realized she was being put down. I still don’t know why, but I’m glad that we have moved on from that and she is back to her happy chatty self. Especially the chatty part. This girl has her own language, which I could listen to all day. She tells some crazy stories.

Milestones: I swear, she is thisclose to walking. Everyday I think it’s going to happen, but hasn’t yet. She pulls herself up on furniture, and walks around it like it’s her job, but just won’t let go. There has been a couple times where I have seen her standing all on her own, but the second she realizes that she isn’t holding on to anything she sits down. I know I shouldn’t want to rush her growing up, but I am excited for her to learn to walk. I feel like is just opens a whole new world of adventures and exploring for her. But I guess it also means that she will get into a lot more….so ya…maybe it’s ok that she waits on the walking for now 😉

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