I guess me calling her Bug all the time has worn off on her, because now she has a bug of her own.

Meet Bugsy.

This ugly little big-eyed ladybug has pretty much not left my Bug’s hand since I bought it from Old Navy a couple weeks ago. I don’t usually fall for the random items near the cash, but there was a big sale on and the line-up was wrapped around the store. So I handed her the ladybug just to keep her occupied. Little did I know I was introducing her to her newest bff.

Of all the cute and cuddly stuffed animals I have bought her, it’s kind of sucky that she has choosen to love this one instead. It was a lesson learned for this mama…she is going to make her own choices, her own decisions. She isn’t going to always wear the clothes I picked out, or wear her hair the way I want her to. I guess I just didn’t think that it would start so early…

But it could be worse! I guess Bugsy isn’t so bad, especially when all cuddled up with my Bug. I think I better make a trip to Old Navy and grab another to have just in case this one doesn’t survive the washing machine…

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