her 1st birthday

This is as low key as I could make it. Hey, what can I say…I like a party! Well, I like planning and decorating for parties. Once the party itself starts, I feel like I am all over the place; missing out on the fun, trying to make sure I get enough pictures, keeping the food going. In the end, I don’t mind though. As long as everyone is having a good time, the hard work is fine by me. And if I get a compliment or two on the décor, that’s ok too 😉

Even though the main theme for Bug’s party was just a BBQ, as I posted about here, I thought it would be a cute idea to use watermelons as a feature. On top of all that, I wanted to bring in the 52 week photo project that I did with her this year as well. So I printed out each photo and taped them to the centre of the fence in the yard. I also made a fabric banner from my favourite fabrics that were used during the project to fancy up the fence. I initially planned to make her a quilt out of them, and I still hope to do that one day. Still have to figure out the whole sewing thing. I used iron on fabric tape to make the banner…not sure that would hold up in quilt-form.

Jose always teases me about going overboard for parties, but he is almost as bad as me! It was his idea to come up with a cute graphic to use within the decorations. So we printed that cute face on some sticker paper and went crazy with them. We added them to the back of the thank you cookies, to the loot bags, and even made custom condiment containers. I love that he equally enjoys adding little touches to events like this…even if he won’t admit it.

Even though she doesn’t look too happy, I swear she was. Oh, and by the way…sparklers that just go out are still hot. Like really super hot. It’s been 2 weeks and my fingers are still blistered… 🙁

What’s a party without some pool dancing with your dad?

Even though I know it seems like I take a million and one pictures of everything, there are very few of the 3 of us. So I love that we remembered to grab this one…

So now that’s over….

I need another project!!! I think it’s time to update the family photo wall in our living room. I haven’t done it since before Bug was born, and we all know that I have a few (million) of her that I could put up.

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