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I was told that when Mama and Pop Polowyk were gifted with a gift certificate for a photoshoot from their children for Christmas, Mrs. Polowyk cried. There is even a wall in their house just waiting for these images to be displayed. I felt NO PRESSURE to make sure that these images turned out just right for her. Nope. None at all.


Luckily (for me!), the Polowyk family is so cute and photogenic, I don’t think there will be any disappointment!

June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-8June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-13June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-12June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-20June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-25

Untitled-1June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-29Untitled-2June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-36Untitled-3If you’re wondering why these faces look familiar to you, that would be because Derek and Carly have been SO supportive of my photography over the last couple of years, and therefore have been on the blog quite a bit! You can see past sessions here (maternity), here (newborn), and here (family).

June2014_Polowyk Family_FOR PRINT-47Untitled41

I love these next two photos SO MUCH! I feel like one day, when Avery needs a new profile picture for whatever new version of Facebook they have 20 years from now, she will use one of these. A playful moment with her dad, and a quite one with her Grandpa. These images make my heart happy 🙂


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