sibling love

I’m so proud of her. It couldn’t have been easy, having someone just show up and make our family of 3 turn into a family of 4. We have been her world for the past 3.5 years. She has had all of our attention and our love, and now those things will have to be shared.

Thankfully, she loves him. She isn’t jealous of the hugs and kisses he gets. Instead, she just jumps right in and hugs and kisses him too.

How lucky is he. To have her to love him, teach him, and guide him.

Not to mention how lucky we are to have them. Ugh these two! I could watch them cuddle all day.


She doesn’t give me the chance to photograph her too often these days. It’s no fun standing and posing in front of a camera when you could be running around like a wild child instead. Thankfully she gave me a full minute and a half for me to grab a couple of her.

This kid. She’s the best.


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