my boy | 4 months

4 months already! Ugh…slow down time….

These last 2 months have been fun though! This little guy is starting to get such a fun personality. Laughs every chance he gets.


Sleeping:  He is still rocking this sleeping thing. He takes 2 naps during the day, and a little snooze around dinner time. He recently moved into his crib from the bassinet in our room and has adjusted to that transition with no problems. It’s more of a problem for me, as both kids are currently sharing a room. So I am on alert all night ready to run down the hall at the slightest peep so he doesn’t wake up his sister. The first couple nights were hit and miss, but I think she is starting to get used to his random baby squawks he makes throughout the night and sleeps through them. He has also found his thumb, which is different from my daughter who only took the soother. Even though when he is older I’m sure it will drive me crazy that he sucks it, right now I think it’s so freakin’ cute! And I don’t need to wake up throughout the night to go find the soother for him (like with daughter)…so that’s a win!


Body: At this last check up he weighed 14 pounds. His oily hair that I was stressing over during his first 2 months has seemed to gone away. Silly to worry about such little things, but that’s what moms do! (Right?…Please say I’m not the only weird one).


Eating: Breastfeeding is still going well. He is making it close to 4 hours between feeds now. At night, he eats around 7:30/8pm and makes it until 5/5:30. It’s a nice stretch, but after reading my daughter’s 2 month blog, I see that she was sleeping right through the night until 7am. So I’m not sure if it’s me just giving in to the 5am feed, or if he really needs it. I think he needs it…so for now I will keep up with it. I’m hoping in the next month or so he will make it to 7!


Mood: Ugh, he melts my heart! He is so smiley and happy ALL THE TIME! Our favourite thing to do these days is to make him laugh, because really…who doesn’t laugh the sound of baby giggles.


Milestones: He has recently found his feet, so his new favourite thing is to hold on to them. I feel like I am slacking this time around, I would have had about 75 photos of my daughter holding her feet by now…poor second child. He holds his head up strong now as well, and can roll from his back to his tummy. He hasn’t figured how to roll back yet though, so that causes him some panic, but I’m sure he will get that soon enough. Oh, and he can blows spit bubbles like a champ! He used to be really chatty during his 3rd month, but this last month he has learned to blow bubbles and now that’s all he does. It’s a messy trick but, like everything else he does, is insanely cute.


We’ve been keeping up with our weekly photo project! I’m kinda of surprised. Even though I enjoy having these photos once they are taken, I always forget throughout the week to take them. Luckily I haven’t missed a full week yet!

Week 9 FinalWeek 10 FinalWeek 11 FinalWeek 12 FinalWeek 13 FinalWeek 14 FinalWeek 15 FinalWeek 16 FinalWeek 17 Final

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