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So technically he is almost 7 months….This last month has flown by even faster than the first 6. Today someone asked me how old he is and I easily replied 6 months, only to realize when they walked away that in 3 days he will be 7 months! That snuck up on me 🙁


Sleeping: He looooves sleep. And I loooove that! The main change that has happened with his sleeping over the last 2 months is that he has stopped needing his feeding in the early morning, which was around 5am. Even though he was happy to eat, it didn’t really seemed like he needed it. So now he sleeps from 8 to around 7ish, sometimes 7:30. Still having 2 naps, which last around 2 hours each, and he still needs to have a little cat nap around 5 on most days. He loves to sleep on his tummy, and now that he is comfortable moving from back to front he flip flops all over the crib. It’s always cute to see what position he has gotten himself into when I go to wake him from his naps. And I really do have to wake him. Most days I think he would sleep at least 3 hours, but since I try and keep him on schedule as best I can, I usually wake him. Unless I am getting caught up on any tv shows I missed from the night before and need a few extra minutes 🙂


May2016_Cain&ClaraHome-11Body: At his last check up he weighed 16 pounds. He is getting so perfectly chunky and I’m loving it! He has such strong legs, probably from the time he spends in his jumper, which he loves. He will jump for 10-15 minutes at a time, non-stop. Then take a 30 second break before starting all over. His eyes are still blue, with a little tiny bit off brown around the pupil, which is how they have been since he was worn. So, fingers crossed that they stay that way – his blue eyes are the cutest!

Eating: Still breastfeeding, but since we now have added real food to the mix, we only do that 4 times a day now. Unlike his sister, it took him a few meals to get used to what he was supposed to do with the mush I was putting in to his mouth.  The only food that he isn’t a fan of is apples. Which is weird since most babies usually love them. I am making his baby food, like I did with my daughter as well, only this time I have a helper 🙂  I have been keeping the food choices basic so far, just to make sure there is no allergies. But now that he is getting the hang of actually swallowing the food and not spitting it at me, I am going try new recipes.

Mood: We have been blessed with a completely chill baby. Hopefully putting it in writing doesn’t jinx us, but really…he is so easy going. There are times when he is so quite we (almost) forget that he is in the room. Then all of a sudden he will get chatty and talk away for a few minutes, then just go back to being chill and play with his toys. The only time that he starts to get a smidge fussy is when he is hungry or over-tired. But when I say fussy, all he does is makes a grunt noise. More so just to get your attention. This could all change, but for now, I’ll take it!

Milestones: He is thisclose to crawling! He is an expert of rolling from front to back, shimmying backwards and sideways, but has just not figured out how to go forward yet. He does this really cute thing of getting up on all fours and then rocks back and forth like he is just going to shoot forward, but instead just falls back on to his tummy. He has done this superman/skydiving move for months now. Just balances on his tummy with arms and legs in the air. He is also getting more comfortable sitting, but like crawling, has not quite got it yet. If he is supported just a little then he is ok, but alone he is pretty tippy. Oh, and he has 2 teeth. The top teeth are starting to come in too, since since this is supposed to be a 6 month report and not 7, I will leave that out for now 😉


Here is the next round of weekly photos. Not gonna lie there have been a few weeks that I have had to double up since I missed the prior week 😐 I blame the weather. It’s hard to make time for these photos when we are too busy out having fun!

Week 18 FinalWeek 19 FinalWeek 20 FinalWeek 21 FinalWeek 22 FinalWeek 23 FinalWeek 24 FinalWeek 25 FinalWeek 26 Final

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