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He’s over 9 months…but let’s not focus on the lateness of this post, k?


HOW CUTE IS HE?!?! Ugh…this boy has my heart. He is just pure sweetness….such an easygoing, happy baby. Over the past couple months he has changed SO MUCH! Everyday I see more and more of my little baby slipping away. As teary as that can make me at times, it’s fun to watch him learn new things.

Sleeping: We’ve had a bit of a big change when it comes to sleeping. Up until he was almost 8 months, him and his sister shared a room. This was mostly for convenience for me, as her bedroom is closer to ours and I wanted him as close as could be during those early days (especially for nighttime feedings). But, we felt like it was time to move him to his own room – mostly because he decided that it would be fun to wake up at 5am every morning and chat with himself for about an hour. As cute as he sounded, it wasn’t that much fun for his sister who he would wake up. Also, with her starting school (eek!!) we felt it was important for her to get a full nights rest. So, off to his own room! Not that the change has bothered him at all. He has also stopped waking up so early and has gone back to his regular wake up of around 7/7:30. Yay! He also is still having his regular 2 naps a day, which last around 2 hours each.


Body: I’m not really sure how much he weights right now, as he hasn’t gone for his 9 month appointment yet. But I do know that he is growing like a weed. His toes popped through his 9M pj’s the other day, so I had to make a Costco run for some size 12M. Now his toes can stay warm at night 🙂 His eyes are still grey/blue! Still praying for them to stay that way. The biggest change in body has to be his teeth. I think he had only 2 around 6 months, and he now has 6!! With one more poking it’s way through. All 4 of this top teeth came in at the same time 😐

Eating: Still breastfeeding, but with the addition of food (which he loves), we only do that 3 times a day. I am still making his some of his food, buuuuuuut have bought some too (sorry second child!). It’s just so easy and convenient not to! We are getting to the point where he is ready to start feeding himself. It’s probably my favourite thing right now to watch him try and get a piece of plain pasta or a puff alllllllll the way from the try to his mouth hahah! It’s tricky when you’re only a baby.


Mood: As I mentioned above, he is the sweetest. There have been a few times when I know it’s feeding time, but we are out running errands and he doesn’t even fuss! Just is all ‘take your time, mom’ until we get home. However, even though he is very easygoing, when he has had enough, he has had enough. Little bit of a temper mixed in with the sweet. I think it’s cute now, but we might be in trouble later.

july2016_cain6monthphotoshoot-5Milestones: There have been so many in the past couple months. Blows my mind how quickly he is turning into such a strong infant. He has learned to sit on his own (unlike the 6 month photo posted above where he is propped with a pillow), he can crawl (although it’s more of an army crawl), he can pull himself up to a kneeling positioning, and has even tried to go from kneeling to standing a couple times. Needless to say, he is keeping me busy.

Have I mentioned I love his hair?! Some days it looks blonde…other days brown…and the odd day there is a little red. No matter the colour, it ALWAYS puffy 😆


Here is the next round of weekly photos. I’ve been trying my best to stay on time with them…but it’s hard. Maybe I should have done bi-weekly photos instead 😕


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